Meet the Brilliant Foot Painter Who Was Born without Arms

Meet the Brilliant Foot Painter Who Was Born without ArmsFrom combing her own hair to dressing up for college to working on beautiful paintings – this Raipur teenager does whatever she needs to with her toes! Born without arms, there is nothing else that separates Damini from other ‘able-bodied’ people around her. This is her story of courage and determination‘Don’t keep thinking that some part of your body is disabled’ – this is what I would like to say to children living with disabilities in India. ‘Always, think of yourself as someone equal to any other individual and you will succeed. You don’t have to change.

Meet the Brilliant Foot Painter Who Was Born without Arms

The only things that need modifications are the viewpoints of others’.” – Damini Sen.A 19-year-old resident of Raipur, Damini was born without arms. But never once in her journey did she let her disability become a hurdle.The confident and cheerful teenager uses her feet and toes to do everything she needs to in everyday life – in addition to studying and painting.Among Damini’s many successes is an astonishing feat – this foot painter set a world record for the highest number of drawings (38) made with her toes in one hour, an achievement that earned her a place in the Golden Book of Records, 2015. “Painting is my hobby. I paint using my toes like any other person paints using his/her hands. I enjoy the process and want to practice it whenever I get the time,” she says.Additionally, Damien scored an impressive 80% in Class 10, writing all her exams with her toes. Damini is adept at independently performing her daily chores – like preparing a full meal or getting dressed by herself.The person she thanks most for helping her accomplish what she has is her mother. “My mother never let me lose hope.

Meet the Brilliant Foot Painter Who Was Born without Arms

She was determined that I should grow up in a world where I could access quality education and nobody would discriminate against me. She wanted me to become independent in all respects,” she says.Her mother, Madhuri Sen, first learned how to write using her toes herself before teaching Damini the same.The talented girl adds that while it was a challenge to get admission in school, the journey from thereon has been pretty smooth – her teachers and friends always treat her as an equal.

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